Lease Terms and Warranty Disclaimer

Lease Terms and Warranty Disclaimer

YOUR PROMISE TO PAY AND THE TERMS OF REPAYMENT:  To pay your contract, you promise to pay us the Total of Payments shown on the contract and to make payments according to the payment schedule.  The total payments are calculated on a yearly basis for 12 months with 30 days each.

All computers have an antivirus installed for one year.

1 year warranty (hardware only) given by a manufacturer.

If you are on time with every single payment when the computer is paid off, Desert Computers will give you a FREE full computer service valued at $129 to use on the purchased equipment (no back up included) and a FREE Printer after pay off.

EARLY PURCHASE OPTION:  If you wish to purchase the property you may do so at any time by the payment of 70% of the remaining Total Cost calculated at that time saving 30% of your remaining balances. You must be current with payments and late fees in order to get 30%. ( it does not include the last payment).

You are liable for the loss, damage and destruction to the property in excess of normal wear and tear.  We are not responsible for the performance of a system after any internet software is installed on a system.

Viruses, Spywares and software issues are NOT covered under the warranty.

We accept checks, but keep in mind that writing a bad check is stealing! State law provides punishment up to: $2500, six months in jail and full restitution payments.  Pima County Attorney’s bad check program will prosecute the bad check writer and collect restitution owed plus an additional $25 fee, on behalf of Desert Computers Inc. for each check submitted. LATE CHARGE: If you’re more than 6 days late in paying any part of the 1Stpayment, you promise to pay a late charge of $20 plus monthly payment; if you get behind on the 2Nd or more payments, there will be an additional charge of $20 plus monthly payment, and after the grace period (six days) the equipment will be re-possessed, plus the balance owed

OUR RIGHTS TO TAKE POSSESSION:  If you violate any of the lease contract agreements or if you get behind with your payments for two months, we have the right to take possession of the property. If you do not return the property to us or allow us to take possession, you agree to pay our costs incurred in taking possession of the property including reasonable attorney’s fees, collection agency, and  $75 if applicable.

DEFAULT-ENTIRE BALANCE DUE:  If you don’t pay an installment on time or if you violate the terms of the contract, you’ll be in default.  When that happens, you agree that without giving us advance notice, we can require you to pay the remaining balance of the contract (less any unearned Finance Charge). You also can return the financed equipment so you can avoid monthly payment and late charges fee but you still have to pay owed balance including past late charges. Finance equipment will be Desert Computers property and no cash or partial money will be reimbursed to yo

Customer is responsible to let us know of any change of address and telephone numbers.

We may install LO/JACK Software in the financed equipment for theft Protection that tracks, locates, and recovers unpaid computers or laptops (It’s our choice). After 3 months of non payments we consider the finance equipment as stolen __________.


Terms are subject to change without notification.